• Tourism in peace time

    An authentic Colombia

  • What We Do

    Nouvelle Colombie is a french association regulated under the law 1901 that carries the project "Tourism in Peace Time".

    It's objectif is to allow the reintegration of young Colombians between 15 and 30 years old, ex combatants and victims of armed conflict through tourism.

    The project takes place within a context of national reconciliation following the signing of the peace agreement in September 2016.


    Our vision is divided into three main missions

    - To offer the young population that has suffered war, a quality education and professional opportunities with the intention of reintegrating them into society.

    - Contribute to peace by involving local communities and making them youth actors of national reconciliation.

    - Make of the traveler a key player in sustainable development. Thus, fair tourism and ecotourism will be at the heart of his experience, allowing him to participate in the conservation of Colombian natural and cultural heritage, whilst sharing it with the rest of the world.



    It is a sector in full expansion: it had an increase of 70% between 2010 and 2015 according to the Ministry of Industry and Tourism.

    Colombia is the second richest country in the world in terms of biodiversity.

    Development of a Tourism school

    Establish a team of tourism professionals


    Young Colombians between 15 and 30 years old, ex-combatants and victims of war (Native Americans, peasants, displaced people, etc...).



    - Offer a theoretical and practical education in the touristic activity of guided visits.

    - Enhance the learning of languages, specifically Spanish, English and French.

    - Work for the personal development and the psychology assistance.

    - Contribute to the social and professional reintegration.

    - Act in favor of peace and the national reconciliation.


    When and where?

    The institution will open its doors in January 2018 in Santa Marta, located in the Caribbean region of Colombia.


    Opening of the receptive agency

    Discover an authentic and extraordinary Colombia

    Developing tourism within a responsible framework that benefits the local population and their environment.


    For who?

    - The local populations.

    Once graduated, the students will have priority to access the jobs within the agency.

    - The travelers in search of a meaningful experience



    - The discovery of exceptional sites until now inaccessible or unused due to the war.

    - The traveler lives an unprecedented experience; he is an actor in sustainable development projects, and reaches out to the local population and immerses himself in their traditional cultural practices.


    When and where?

    - Our ambition is to offer our services throughout Colombia, nonetheless, initially four destinations will be proposed: Bogota, Cartagena, Santa Marta and La Guajira.

    - The agency is set up to open in 2019.

  • The Crew

    One for all, all for one !

    Luis-Alejandro DAVILA

    CEO 🇨🇴

    Master in Economy & Development of International Tourism (Panthéon Sorbonne - IREST)

    Christophe CHARLES-AFRED

    Director 🇫🇷

    Doctor of French and Congolese law

    Specialized in Human and transitional justice law



    Community Manager 🇫🇷

    Master in Economy & Development of International Tourism (Panthéon Sorbonne - IREST)

    Marion PASSIER

    Operations Coordinator 🇫🇷

    Master in Management of Tourism Activities & Hospitality (Panthéon Sorbonne - IREST)

    Camila POLO

    Guest Experience 🇨🇴

    Master in Economy & Development of International Tourism (Panthéon Sorbonne - IREST)

    Oswaldo HENRIQUEZ

    The ambassador of this project 🇨🇴

    Degree in business administration

    Professional Football Player

  • The context

    Discover through pictures the socio-historical context of Colombia and the future that awaits . After the signing of the peace, Colombia opens its doors to explore its tourism potential.

    Découvrez le projet en image

  • Our partnerships

    They believe in us!

    ACR (Colombian Agency for Reintegration), as part of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, is in charge of coordinating, advising, and implementing –with other public and private bodies- the Route to Reintegration for demobilized combatants from illegal armed groups.

    Welcome City Lab is a program of stimulation of the innovation in tourism integrating the first incubator into the world dedicated to this sector.

    (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts), a research and education institution operated by the French government. It is the only establishment dedicated to adult education.

    The luxury "Sophia Hotel" in Cartagena, Colombia supports us and believe in our dream!

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